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Costa Short Story Awards are here

The Costa Book Awards have been announced but not only that, so have the Costa Short Story Awards and they’re offering a whopping £3500 first place, £1500 second place and £500 third. They’re going to shortlist six authors and then put them through the ringer by making them attend an all expenses-paid event in January 2015. … Continue reading


Make a difference this summer

A key part of Alternative Realities’ publishing strategy is – since we’re based in Exeter, Devon –  to support authors in Devon & Exeter, and to help the Exeter library get more people through its doors and reading. We’ve just spotted this advert on their Facebook page and think that this looks very exciting indeed! We’ve … Continue reading

Writing challenge – speculative fiction

Everyone likes to discuss what ifs. What if they hadn’t gone out with that psycho? What if they hadn’t drunk so much and slept with that pestilence-riddled munter? What if they won the lottery? What if Hitler was killed before the second world war started? However, I’ve never heard of anyone say. What if we … Continue reading

Competition coming up!

We’ve taken delivery of our first competition prize! We’ll be getting it signed by the author this week so make sure you’ve Liked our Alternative Realities Facebook page, Followed the Alternative Realities Blog and Followed our Alternative Realities Twitter account! Each one of those gives you an extra entry into our giveaway!

Rorke’s Drift – The Truth behind the battle

Not a lot of people know this, but Rorke’s Drift wasn’t actually fought against warriors of the Zulu Kingdom. Despite the efforts of the British government – both then and now – I can reveal the truth behind one of the British Army’s greatest victories. The truth is that the British Army defeated a Zombie … Continue reading

Dieselpunk Sherlock Holmes?

As people will no doubt be aware, my brain never really stops thinking of ideas. One idea that sprung into my mind today was diesel punk Sherlock Holmes.  It would be set in the art-deco period, 221B Baker Street would be an apartment in a lovely Art Deco building and there would be lots of … Continue reading

Grow, Padawan, and mix your genres

Okay, so that was a bit puntastic, but hopefully it got your attention. I’ve been writing stories, campaign settings and creating worlds in the science fiction and fantasy genres for as long as I can remember. Always for pleasure and never with getting published. I just enjoyed writing and creating. But then, in New Year … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge – Travel

Every week my daughter comes home with a writing challenge. She’s only in Junior school and I think that this is a brilliant idea and that I would share this week’s one with you. The task (modified slightly for adults) is; 1) Write a 1,000 word short shorty. 2) The  them is; You have travelled across space … Continue reading

Alternative Realities rewards our community

That right, whilst Alternative Realities is all about working closely with authors, editors and artists, we recognise the fairly obvious fact that we can’t continue to exit without you the reader. We want to build a strong community and reward those who support us. We’re still working on the various ways that this can be … Continue reading

Work progresses at an exciting rate!

Discussions these last couple of days have been increasingly excited as ideas are thrashed out and backgrounds developed. I’d love to say more, but I can’t. Don’t you just hate ‘I have a secret, but can’t tell you’ type posts? Me too. How deliciously hypocritical!