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Warriors: Past to Present – A writer’s reference, and a writing challenge – Part 2 – Mounted Knight – Siege of Jerusalem 1244

The amazing photographer, Thom Atkinson has recently published what he calls ‘Soldiers Inventories’ on his website. These photos are clearly a work of art and show a love for the subject that is sublime. Each piece is laid out as if it were part of a puzzle and every time I look at them, I spot something different, … Continue reading


Warriors: Past to Present – A writer’s reference, and a writing challenge – Part 1 – Huscarl 1066

The amazing photographer, Thom Atkinson has recently published what he calls ‘Soldiers Inventories’ on his website. It’s annoyingly close to a book/documentary that I was putting a pitch together for (although I still shall!) and the photography is gorgeous. This is a fabulous resource for budding authors who want to write either historical fiction, historical … Continue reading

Three Tips for a Better World (Creation)

Originally posted on Mechanical Hamster:
I’ve recently announced my participation in a very exciting project, creating the world for a ‘virtual tabletop’ game called Mark of War. It’s early days yet, so we’ve only just started scratching the surface and now seems an appropriate time to write a little about world creation, be it for…

Writing Challenge – What if viruses were an alien life form?

Everyone always tends to think of aliens as the sort of creatures portrayed in Star Trek or Star Wars, or any other science fiction TV and movie series. But … what if aliens were already here? What if they were viruses? How would the alien aspect then work? Would the virus be a collective intelligence, … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – What if you actually lived for ever?

A lot of people say that they would like to live forever, me included. However, what would this do to a person? In Shadowrun, where some of the characters do live forever (the Harlequin being one), some spend whole centuries as raving lunatics. What would this do to your humanity? If you knew that everyone … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – What if humans were more diverse?

Last year I wrote a a story for the Fringe Works NeaDNAthal anthology. Needless to say, it featured NeaDNAthals. In a sci-fi setting of course, fighting a future war. Like they do. However, this did raise a question in my mind and one which I’ve never been able to write about due to so many … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – What if Jesus lived?

This is a very simple wiring challenge. How would the world be different if Jesus had not died on the cross but lived. Would he have spread the word further? Would he and his disciples been forced to leave Palestine and gone on a pilgrimage? What lands might they have ended up in? How would this change … Continue reading