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Writing Challenge – What if Jesus lived?

This is a very simple wiring challenge. How would the world be different if Jesus had not died on the cross but lived.

Would he have spread the word further? Would he and his disciples been forced to leave Palestine and gone on a pilgrimage? What lands might they have ended up in? How would this change Christianity? What if he had children? Would there be an internecine struggle after his death?


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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


One thought on “Writing Challenge – What if Jesus lived?

  1. Deity Delinquent
    By Randall Lemon

    Mary was getting pretty tired of feed her son’s Jesus’ layabout friends. She was trying hard to get Jesus to take his father’s business seriously. Joseph was getting on in years. He had been quite a bit older than Mary when they became man and wife and quite frankly, the fact that she had even managed to get pregnant and give birth to a son had been something of a miracle.

    So far, Jesus was something of a disappointment to both his Mom and Dad. He hung out with his twelve buddies all day or worse yet, spent time with that slutty Mary Magdalene. Mary looked forward to grandchildren but certainly didn’t want her beloved son to form a lasting relationship with a hooker like that Magdalene woman. Mary understood that a young hormonal boy like Jesus needed to sow some wild oats, but Jesus was getting older and it was time for him to find a good girl, work full time in his daddy’s carpentry shop and start becoming a productive member of society.

    Instead her son seemed to be something of a dreamer, always talking about a perfect society and heaven and rendering to Caesar the things that were Caesar and to God the things that were God’s. As far as Mary was concerned, it was time for him to start rendering to his parents more. After all they raised him and had given him a loving home even if they had made the occasional mistake like that time they lost track of him while they were visiting the temple in Jerusalem and then found him lecturing the elders about how they should worship. Joseph had tanned Jesus hide when they got back home and from then on they kept a closer eye on him.

    Still somehow Jesus had fallen in with bad companions, twelve of them to be precise. Some of the older clowns he hung out with had had jobs and quit them just to pal around with her son. What kind of an example was that? Now they lounged around the benJoseph house all day long expecting Mary to feed them and clean up after them. What was even worse was that since some were much older than Jesus and Mary had been so young when she was pregnant, they made her feel quite uncomfortable. She’d fielded more than one pass from Andrew and that one time she heard Judas referring to her as a MILF when he was talking to Bartholomew.

    One day a Roman Consul entered Joseph’s shop with an order for twenty crosses and unless Jesus pitched in, Joseph would never finish the order by the deadline. Joseph had tried to talk to him but Jesus just snapped back with, “I must be about my Father’s business.” Joseph thought that meant he had gotten through to Jesus, but the ungrateful kid hadn’t lifted a finger so far.

    Joseph really reached his limits when he ordered Jesus to help in the shop but his son had gone “fishing” instead. Then after being gone all day, he came back without a single fish and when Mary asked him he said he wasn’t looking for sea creatures, but was a “fisher of men.” What a line of bull! He was probably with that Magdalene trollop or hanging out drinking wine at wedding feast in Canaan.

    When he was young, Jesus was a good-looking boy but now that he was getting older he just had let himself go. His clothing was soiled. They never got washed unless Mary did it. He had grown a beard and his hair was so long that it hung down below his shoulders. He was turning into a dirty hippy. She knew he and his friends must be taking drugs because she would eavesdrop sometimes and hear them talking about bringing the dead back to life and walking on water. She was going to have to search his room and confiscate whatever substance he was smoking. Then she would get a broom and chase his worthless companions out once and for all.

    Maybe she and Joseph could go to the temple and get an expert to hold an intervention for Jesus. That might be the best idea of all.

    Posted by maceprez | August 20, 2014, 7:06 pm

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