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Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games

Originally posted on These Heterogenous Tasks:
When I was analysing the structures of CYOA works a few years back, I began to recognise some strong recurring design patterns. I came up with some home-brewed terminology, but didn’t ever lay it out in a nice clear way. This is a non-exhaustive look at some of the…


Join Misty Meanor as she fights for her life in a vicious dogfight!

Blaise Maximillian: Bitter Defeat is now available for pre-order! Misty Meanor, ace pilot, finds herself in a desperate situation as she fights for her life against Quebecois Sky Pirates over Hudson Bay. Will she add more kills to her already legendary tally, or is this going to be the only story you’ll ever see her … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian has a new cover!

With only two weeks to go until the book is launched, Blaise Maximillian has a slightly different cover. Not satisfied with the text, we went to do a designer who has done a cracking job. There are still plans in place for yet another cover, but unfortunate delays mean that we’ll be launching with this … Continue reading

Get a FREE Blaise Maximillian story!

That’s right, a free Blaise Maximillian short story! All you have to do is go along to your ‘local’ Amazon store and pre-order it. Once you’ve got your pre-order confirmation, screenshot it and send it to contact@alternative-realities.co.uk. You’ll then be added to a mailing list and, once the book is launched on September 30th, you’ll … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian – Review copies going out

Review copies have started to go out to, yes you’ve guessed it, reviewers. Hopefully they’ll like it. However, even if they positively hate it, we still want the review to go up. Yes, this will adversely affect our Amazon rating, but we don’t want people to sugarcoat things. Blaise Maximillian is a tough bastard with thick … Continue reading

Protected: Your free story is here!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A hint of something to come …

Tonight I shall mostly be editing 5 short stories by Stewart Hotston​ for Alternative Realities​ to be released on Amazon​ and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing​ shortly!

Is this how Gulf War 3 begins? Using the news for speculative fiction

Granted, this picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was taken eight years ago. However, recent news stories have suggested that Putin is in favour of directly supporting Assad. This doesn’t mean that they will be sending troops over to assist … yet. But, how can you believe a statement such … Continue reading