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How do people pay to read?

There’s lots of research on who pays to read what. Some of it is even reliable and doesn’t push the agenda of whoever wrote it. I’ve seen a lot of papers out there from all sorts of sources, some of which I may well quote here However, we’re starting a new press and we’re determined … Continue reading


Helena Woolf

With my first novel coming out I wanted to talk about the heroine, Helena Woolf . Helena Woolf is an Oligarch, a member of a ruling class of genetically-engineered super humans who live for centuries and have access to limitless wealth and technology. Supported by Artificial Intelligences (AIs) embedded in their own minds, which are … Continue reading

Radio 2 & The 500 Words Story – 2016

As a publisher, we feel that anything which raises the standards of writing in the UK, and which encourages people to write should be celebrated and shared. Radio 2 has just announced, courtesy of Chris Evans, that the 5oo Words Story competition for 2016 has been opened. This is a fabulous competition and any child that … Continue reading

Our First Submissions Call

This is our first submissions call. The two anthologies are Summer’s End and Broken Bones & Ten Dollar Bills Summer’s End is an anthology of fantastical stories that will be about the end of ages, civilisations, golden times that decline inexorably or suddenly. Think the fall of the men of Numenor, the end of the … Continue reading

Seconds count – Writing challenge

It’s an old saying but that doesn’t make it any less than true.  This writing challenge is centred around a few seconds in time that matter more than any other second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year that have gone before.  We’re looking for stories of up to 1,500 word in length that match … Continue reading

Incoming, Part 2

We’re ready to announce the second of the two anthologies we’d like to publish to kick off 2016. A little later than planned but we got distracted with sorting stuff like contracts, pricing, newsletters and the like. Yes our lives rock. Our second anthology is called Broken Bones and Ten Dollar Bills. It will be … Continue reading

Is there any point in newsletters?

We’ve created a newsletter…yes, I can hear the tumbleweed as well as you fail to exert a calorie of interest in this news about newsletters… I ask myself what’s the point of a newsletter? I’m sure I know the reason for them for a publisher, or anyone interested in getting their products out to an … Continue reading

Incoming, part 1

We’re ready to announce the two anthologies we’d like to publish to kick off 2016. We’ll talk about the first today and then tell you about the other tomorrow. Our first anthology is called Summer’s End. It will be a collection of stories about the end of great empires, love affairs and ages. The moment … Continue reading

Houses of the future

There are many images and concepts of what the houses of the future could look like, and almost all of them recently appear to be looking at how small a house can be. As you can see from the video below, some people really are taking things to the extreme. The video doesn’t explain certain … Continue reading

Moving forwards a step at a time

So I’ve published elsewhere today about timing and that as we start this gig we’re going to do only what we feel we can deliver on without letting ourselves or others down. Given that we’ve decided on a few things: Two anthologies this year. We’ve even decided the themes… We’re going to ask people to sign … Continue reading