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Moving forwards a step at a time

So I’ve published elsewhere today about timing and that as we start this gig we’re going to do only what we feel we can deliver on without letting ourselves or others down.

Given that we’ve decided on a few things:

  1. Two anthologies this year. We’ve even decided the themes…
  2. We’re going to ask people to sign up to a newsletter – and give some stories away free as part of that
  3. We’re going to do our best to make sure that no one who works with us does so for a promise of exposure or some other bollocks. We want to make money (with the acknowledgement right now that it’ll probably be enough to buy a few coffees) and part of that is building a community who knows their contribution is valued for the time and effort they’ve put into it.

We’ve had so many ideas these last few days but the first step has been to be disciplined about what we can achieve and start small with high quality output.

As we get our sh*t together there’ll be more – including our first open submission windows for these anthologies. Hope you fancy writing for us!




2 thoughts on “Moving forwards a step at a time

  1. I’m very excited by everything I’ve read about this project so far.

    Posted by Andrew K Lawston | January 8, 2016, 9:29 am

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