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Is there any point in newsletters?

We’ve created a newsletter…yes, I can hear the tumbleweed as well as you fail to exert a calorie of interest in this news about newsletters…

I ask myself what’s the point of a newsletter? I’m sure I know the reason for them for a publisher, or anyone interested in getting their products out to an audience they hope will be engaged, or sympathetic, or may be possibly passingly interested. Hell, I’d accept nods of recognition if I’m honest.

In the dream world of a publisher they provide me with a list of people who care enough to have signed up, who have probably liked the other stuff you’ve published and are the most engaged of anyone whose heard of you. That’s heady stuff if it can be turned into paying customers.

The above is economic, and slightly mercenary sounding. However, it is the unvarnished truth. Publishing is different from writing. We write because we must. We publish because we’re vain. Vain enough to hope someone likes what we’ve written, vain enough to think someone else might think it’s worth encouraging us to keep going by actually parting with their money for what we’ve done.

The benefits for the publisher in having a proper newsletter distribution list are obvious. The question I have then is what’s the point for the reader? Why would I sign up to someone else’s newsletter?

I think there are some reasons that make sense.

Firstly, you’ll probably get free stuff that you like and might have bought already.

Secondly, it gives you an idea of what these numpties who are sending you things actually create and whether it’s worth your time and money.

Thirdly, it is a real encouragement to the business you’re getting news from. It lets them know that there are people out there who might actually be interested in what they’re producing.

So our newsletters will contain the following commitments:

  • We won’t share your details with anyone else. Ever.
  • We won’t spam you with repeated requests to buy our stuff
  • We will tell you about free stuff – in fact we’ll send it with the newsletter
  • We will tell you about new stuff that you could buy, but only once because we hate spam too

We’re going to send out our first newsletter once a few people have signed up! In that letter we’ll be including two short stories that we’re particularly proud of and we hope you’ll like them too.



2 thoughts on “Is there any point in newsletters?

  1. Might it be an idea to post a link or whatever for us to be able to sign up?

    Posted by Klepsie | January 11, 2016, 11:19 am

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