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Incoming, Part 2

We’re ready to announce the second of the two anthologies we’d like to publish to kick off 2016. A little later than planned but we got distracted with sorting stuff like contracts, pricing, newsletters and the like. Yes our lives rock.

Our second anthology is called Broken Bones and Ten Dollar Bills.

It will be a collection of stories about the how genetic therapies, alterations and other technologies will change humanity. In our minds we have super soldiers, never aging children, chickens with three legs, mythical creatures made real, people who can regrow limbs, detectives who can run genetic fingerprinting by putting their tongues on the skin cells you left behind. We’re also interested in those people who made it possible, the scientists, the corporations, their families and their governments. How do their worlds evolve, what does such a brave new world look like?

We’ll post actual submission details shortly – but we hope that in the meantime this whets your appetite.



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