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Hurry up and wait!

That’s a well-known phrase from the military. Simply put, soldiers often find themselves being rushed from point-to-point, and then having to sit around on their arses waiting for something to happy. Publishing is very much like that. As you’re no doubt aware we opened ourselves up to submissions for two completely different anthologies, Summer’s End, and Broken Bones … Continue reading


Helena Woolf’s world comes to life

We are busy here with a good number of projects (which you’ll know all about from our newsletter). One of those is our first novel – A Family War. Lawrence Mann is doing the cover and we’re delighted to be able to share a recent sketch session he did featuring it. You can find it … Continue reading

The first newsletter

Is almost ready – we’re including two stories as a thank you for signing up. One is called Unmake The Wild Light. Those among you who are aficionados of math punk will recognise the title as coming from the band #65Daysofstatic. I’m a massive fan and when I heard that song I had a story pop pretty … Continue reading