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A Family War Final Cover Reveal

Hey all, we are delighted to show you the final cover for a Family War done for us by the immensely talented Lawrence Mann. This little beauty arrived in our inbox on Thursday. Now all we have to do is finish formatting the book, sort the text out on the back and then we’re almost ready to release!

The original image is about 65mb in size, so we’ve cropped it a little so that it fits into this blog post. We think the layers of detail capture the society the heroine lives in perfectly.

For you newsletter subscribers out there we’re going to send out the first chapter in a couple of days – it will be minus cover etc. You’ll be getting the raw text – just as a thank you for coming on this journey with us. We are sure you’ll like it.

But for everyone else – here’s the blurb!

Helena is one of the Oligarchs, genetically-enhanced, centuries old families who rule the world. As a new world war begins, she is ordered to find a boy who could save the human race from genocide. Yet all is not as it seems; Helena finds enemies on all sides, intent on bringing about the war with all its horrific consequences. To make matters worse, Helena’s own AI, accidentally freed from its constraints, challenges both her motives and her identity. Yet she has no choice but to accept its treacherous aid if she is to have any hope of surviving those who need her dead.



One thought on “A Family War Final Cover Reveal

  1. Reblogged this on Matthew Sylvester and commented:

    Yeah. Lawrence Mann is a book-cover genius!

    Posted by mattsylvester | April 4, 2016, 3:54 pm

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