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Writing and coffee

Are said to together like horse and carriage. Writers need stimulants and coffee makes an excellent stimulant. As does American Pistachio gelato.

Tonight, I took my daughter to her dance class. As we drove in we passed a new cafe, so instead of sitting in the dance studio I decided I would try to do some writing in this new establishment. You know, pretend to be a real author, writing in a cafe.

Imagine my surprise as I walked into Caramello and discovered that it was a gelato bar. A stylish one at that.

Picture a kid in a sweetshop, only aged 42 with a grade 1 buzz cut; squealing silently (well, beyond human hearing anyway, I’m sure dogs heard me). They have something like 20 different types. Oh. My. God. And they’re all made by Caramello.

£4 lighter, I had a large Americano and a single scoop of American Praline in a cone. It’s fucking lush, if you’ll pardon my French.

They also do pancakes and waffles, with one gut-busting dish listed at £35.

Only having been open for a month, I can see Caramello generating a lot of buzz. And I hope that next time I come here I can write what I planned to.



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