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We have a date of birth

Launch Date!

Set the alarms for the 13th May. A Family War will hit online bookstores then.

Ok, you may not be quite as excited as we are about launching our first novel but we think you should be. It’s a fast paced thriller which asks – what would you do if you discovered a holocaust in the making?

It will be available in ebook and paperback versions. We have, we think, figured out how to give you the ebook for free if you buy the paperback as we hate the idea that you’d have to buy the same thing twice in different formats.

The paperback will be 4.99, the ebook 1.99*. However, if you’re one of our newsletter subscribers you’ll not only get the first chapter free a week early, but you’ll be able to buy the book for 99p. That’s in addition to the stories we’ve already put up there for subscribers (with more to come).

So get your nanomachines out, program your AI and make sure you’re ready for Helena Woolf come the 13th May.

*it is possible we’ll change the price of course…but not the advantage of being a subscriber.



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