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And the rejections go out

Our submissions window has closed. We’ve had dozens of submissions. And the rejections have starting winging their way across the aether. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t because of the quality of writing. It’s because people didn’t follow the guidelines. 

We thought the guidelines were quite simple. Format like this; write this many words, it has to be on this subject. Simple. Only for some it wasn’t. It’s clear that a number put a lot of work and thought into writing their submission and yet ignored the guidelines. 

Word count. When we say we want 3000 to 5000 words, for example, don’t submit a story that’s considerably less than that. Because we won’t even read the thing (as the submission guidelines say), it will just be a straight rejection. 

When we say that it has to be in English, not only does it have to be in English, it has to actually make sense, e.g. fascinate sooner bear meeting quietly free inside. added mistress difficult fly thought remained (that’s not really a quote from a submission we’d never do that to anyone who submitted, but you get the idea). 

Our first reaction will be ‘huh?’ Followed by ‘To the Reject Mobile, Rejector Man!’

If we say we want it to be about the apocalyptic civil war between the Care Bears, we don’t want werewolves or Gummi Bears pitching up to the party. See the sentence just above. 

It’s really simple. If you want to be published, follow the fucking guidelines. 


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