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How to be an author, by guest writer David Guymer – Part Two

David Guymer, best selling author for the Black Library, the Godfather of Gotrek and Felix has kindly written a guest blog for us. This is part two.

Kissed by Lady Luck

I continue to count my blessings that when I started to think about possible outlets for my writing, Black Library still had an open submissions window. I’m a lifelong fan of Warhammer so I naturally had a Black Library in mind as someone I’d like to write for and while exploring the internet for advice I managed to stumble across their submissions guidelines. As chance would have it there was a submission window open right then. It was going to be open for another 2 weeks.

Being a pretty lazy guy really, I thought about putting it off for another year. Give myself time to think about it, to work on it, perfect my prose.

The thought that I might have done that stills my heart a little even now.

Of course I wasn’t to know that that was to be the last open submissions window that Black Library were going to run, and the same is true for you and any other submission call you see. So don’t think. Don’t procrastinate.


I submitted, thankfully.

I planned out a 5000 word story roughly in my head and then I wrote it and then I submitted it.

And then I got a very prompt e-mail back from Black Library saying they liked it and they wanted to publish it.

Another top tip for an aspiring professional – turn off your spam filter.

It was only by chance that I got that e-mail at all.

On reading it my thoughts returned an error message against a blue screen and I had to go and have a sit down before I could sensibly reply.

If you’ve not read part one. Click here. 


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