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We’re getting there

Our first novel’s launch has been a little delayed. We’d hoped to get both the ebook and paperback out last Friday – but perhaps we should have set aside our scientific rationality and remembered the date. Either way, after discovering that Amazon’s system was somehow skewing our formatting we spent the weekend trying to figure out a solution. We thought we had it on Monday night, but it wasn’t to be.

We’ve gone back to basics now and think we’ve identified what has so vexed Amazon, but we’ll only find out if it’s ok once we get their version of our file back.

So we’re going to launch properly this week coming. If you are a reviewer and want a copy, we can supply ebooks now. In the meantime, hold on because we want to make this a big thing both for ourselves and our author, Stewart. The paperback is there, it’s coming, and then we’re going to be all over this.

Until then, keep checking back because we’ll update as soon as we have news.

The AR team


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