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How to be an author, by guest writer David Guymer – Part Five

David Guymer, best selling author for the Black Library, the Godfather of Gotrek and Felix has kindly written a guest blog for us. This is part five, the final one.

What was that about riches and fame?

I did promise I’d get back to this. Black Library doesn’t actually pay at all badly – I personally have nothing to compare it to I’m assured by my brothers-in-arms that this is so – but it’s not yet let me think about leaving the day job. I’m not earning what I’d call Gaiman Money. That brings its own self-fulfilling cycle of needing to write more to make more money and being unable to write more until I have more time to do it. That’s a whole other stream of wordy lament right there, which I’ll thankfully save for another time.

I dream though, and I hope. Others do make a living out of writing for Black Library after all, and one day I will too, but not yet.

And just for an idea of the numbers we’re talking about, my bestselling book so far is City of the Damned, which has shifted around 11,000 copies over the course of a year. To my mind that’s not unrespectable, but a few more wouldn’t go amiss (hint, hint).

So not rich yet then, and probably not all that famous either despite the arduous upward tick of my twitter followers.

But then I do still have book one of the epic high fantasy quadrilogy that first inspired me to write sitting half-finished on my hard drive. It’s called Jewel of the North by the way. Every year I promise myself I’ll finish it. That’s surely my golden ticket to Martinesque levels of wealth and renown.

Although it’s not making anything for anyone half-finished on my hard drive is it?



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