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Broken Bones – The editing begins

It seems that many people think that once they’ve submitted a story and have been accepted, that the work is over. It’s not. For Alternative Realities acceptance is a sign that we enjoyed your writing enough to want to publish it under our name. However, no story is perfect first time. I’ve edited everyone from … Continue reading


More FREE stuff for our newsletter subscribers! Coming soon!

As you probably already know, we have a newsletter that is sent out to subscribers on a roughly monthly basis containing bits and bobs that we think would interest them. All subscribers already get two free short stories as a way of saying thank you but now they’re going to get something (in addition mind!) … Continue reading

Summer’s End – we’re pleased to announce!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who submitted. As always when you receive a ton of submissions there are enough great stories that you could put out three anthologies to the one you are actually going to publish. We’ve tried to give feedback on every one of the stories we’ve read for this … Continue reading

Broken Bones – Rejections and Acceptances are winging their way across the internet

This is both one of the best parts of being an editor, and the worst. The best part is that you know that someone has put a lot of work into submitting a story that they are hoping will be published. Telling them that they’ve been accepted is a fabulous feeling. I also know that, … Continue reading