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Broken Bones – Progress Update

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening when you’ve submitted a story, been told it was accepted and that edits are on their way and then silence descends. From the rush of excitement of getting the acceptance email you’re left refreshing your inbox every five minutes (well, I am anyway).

So, unlike many other publishers, I thought that I would give you an update on how things are going with the Broken Bones anthology.

All authors have been sent their initial edits. Some have replied very quickly indeed, others are still working through them, honing their stories until they have an edge so sharp they can create distortions in time and space.

Rather than work on them piecemeal, I will be collating all of the edited versions first, making any further revisions and then, on a date to be decided, sending them back out to the authors. That way I have clear entries in my calendar saying ‘Edits sent to all authors’ rather than having them dotted around. Makes ordering my outbox easy as well, as I can clearly see a block of emails going out to all of our authors.

On top of this, I have managed to secure the services of a very talented artist indeed and I’m currently trying to come up with concepts that will match the title and content of the book (no easy thing!).

To summarise;

First edits done.
First edits sent out to all authors.
Awaiting all second edits.
Will work on all second edits.
Second edits to be sent out to all authors.
Artist commissioned
Concept for cover WIP

Hopefully this will give the authors the reassurance that things are progressing well and give any prospective authors an idea as to the process behind making a book.



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