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Summer’s End

Summer’s End is out officially on THURSDAY! You can find the link for preorder to the ebook here.

At just £1.99 it’s a steal and certainly won’t create an end of world situation for you. Sorry, a bad dad joke there. However, if you buy the £5.99 paperback you’ll get the Kindle version free as well.

The anthology has some of the best names in the business and features stories about mad sorcerers, dying fathers, vengeful monsters, quest givers and resentful chosen ones. In each case their actions presage the end of their worlds, their civilisations and sometimes their lives.

We’ll be featuring some of these authors over the next few days but as a taster, here’s Adrian Faulkner who opens to collection with his excellent story, Bastion.

Adrian Faulkner is a writer, record-breaking geocacher, sword fighter and trained storm chaser.  He has been inside a mile-wide tornado and lived to tell the tale.

Adrian’s first novel, The Four Realms, was awarded Fantasy Book Review’s ‘Book of the Month’ award in March 2013 and his short story, Jetsam, was given a honourable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2011.



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