Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.
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Hello, no doubt you’re here because of drama

Unfortunately, you’re no doubt here because you’ve read that we’re some sort of evil corporation which runs/sponsors a number of LitRPG groups and podcasts. We, or rather Matthew Sylvester, aren’t in any way that powerful. Matt was kicked from the LitRPG group back in December 2017, and had LitRPGpodcast slam his books because they didn’t … Continue reading


3-D Book Covers

I like them. They make something that you don’t actually have stand out from the crowd. And it has taken me far longer than it should to find a generator for such things. Fortunately, I’ve found one that not only looks good, but which is also free. Free and good is, for a small publisher, … Continue reading

Broken Bones – The editing begins

It seems that many people think that once they’ve submitted a story and have been accepted, that the work is over. It’s not. For Alternative Realities acceptance is a sign that we enjoyed your writing enough to want to publish it under our name. However, no story is perfect first time. I’ve edited everyone from … Continue reading

More FREE stuff for our newsletter subscribers! Coming soon!

As you probably already know, we have a newsletter that is sent out to subscribers on a roughly monthly basis containing bits and bobs that we think would interest them. All subscribers already get two free short stories as a way of saying thank you but now they’re going to get something (in addition mind!) … Continue reading

Broken Bones – Rejections and Acceptances are winging their way across the internet

This is both one of the best parts of being an editor, and the worst. The best part is that you know that someone has put a lot of work into submitting a story that they are hoping will be published. Telling them that they’ve been accepted is a fabulous feeling. I also know that, … Continue reading

Broken Bones – An Update

This is a quick update for everyone who has expressed interest in our books, and especially those of you who submitted stories. We have now finished reading all the submissions. We have split the stories into those which will be rejected immediately, those we think are so good that they’re definitely in and then a … Continue reading

Newsletter – April 2016

If you haven’t signed up to our newsletter already, why not? This month’s newsletter is out, and we thought we’d share some of it with you, to give you a taste. Naturally, the links to the free stories (a collection which will will grow) isn’t here. If you want that, sign up! If you want … Continue reading

Hurry up and wait!

That’s a well-known phrase from the military. Simply put, soldiers often find themselves being rushed from point-to-point, and then having to sit around on their arses waiting for something to happy. Publishing is very much like that. As you’re no doubt aware we opened ourselves up to submissions for two completely different anthologies, Summer’s End, and Broken Bones … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian STILL a top 100 on Amazon!

Considering the competition that this book faces on Amazon, it’s absolutely fabulous to see it’s still in the top 100! Not only that, it’s actually in the top 50! Yesterday it even nudged into the top 20. If you have bought this book, please leave a review, even if it’s only a stars review as … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian is in the Amazon top 100!

Originally posted on Matthew Sylvester:
Geoff Brown of Cohesion Press did a cracking job on the text, really making it stand out. And not of free books either! This is a cracking start! Thank you to everyone who has bought, and to everyone who will buy (BUY MY BOOK)! #61 in Kindle Store > Books >…