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Summer’s End – Brian Hamilton

Last, but very definitely not least, we introduce Brian Hamilton. Brian Hamilton is a resident of Philadelphia and is the author of multiple short horror stories. You can get Summer’s End here.

Summer’s End – Ryan Wheeldon

Ryan gave us the ultimate of high fantasy settings, the final battle, the arch heroes and villains and then gave it something deeper. Ryan is an unabashed day-dreamer, idealist and lover of words. When not telling or consuming stories, he can usually be found learning, enjoying the little things and attempting to not consume his body … Continue reading


Summer’s End – Jared Zygarlicke

Jared sent us a story that felt both familiar but was also original in its delivery and sense. We look forward to seeing more from him and think you should too. Jared Zygarlicke is a short fiction author living in Brooklyn. An avid consumer of literature, comic books, and films, he enjoys a good story … Continue reading

Summer’s End – Francis Hartley

Francis is one of our debut authors. We loved the world she built – something so original that we really want to see more from there but suspect Francis has so many other awesome ideas that really we’d just be excited to see what ever they offered us. Francis Hartley lives in Berkshire and spends … Continue reading

Summer’s End – Andrew Lawston

Andrew has been ploughing the field of short stories for a long time now and has a number of his own full collections for you to go and see. Our favourite is his first, Something Nice, go and seek it out. Andrew Lawston and his wife Melanie live in London with an exuberant cocker spaniel … Continue reading

Summer’s End – James Brogden

James is a thoroughly lovely author we first came across about three years ago with a great novel called Tourmaline published by Snow Books (which is actually a follow up to his debut – The Narrows). Since then I’ve even managed to appear in a couple of anthologies alongside him. His story, After Happily Ever wonders what … Continue reading

Summer’s End -Gaie Sebold

And we’re back. Today we’re introducing Gaie Sebold. Although she hopefully needs no introduction (seriously, have you not read Babylon Steel or Shanghai Sparrow?) we’re delighted her story Stone Sunset is in Summer’s End. I remember reading this for the first time and being devastated by the tale, getting to the last word and thinking … Continue reading

Summer’s End – Josh Reynolds

You’re still here? Nice to see you again. Today we’re going to talk about Reynolds. Josh Reynolds. Josh’s Story takes place in a world his reader’s may well be familiar with but for the rest of us it’s a fantastic introduction to a ruin whose downfall isn’t over and where the vultures are still, literally, … Continue reading

Summer’s End – Sarah Cawkwell

We’re out. Summer’s End is out. In case you haven’t already gone to secure you and your family a wonderful future by getting a copy of this – here’s another reason you should do so! Sarah Cawkwell is a wonderful writer who I’ve known for a number of years and whose writing I’ve always enjoyed. … Continue reading

Summer’s End – David Thomas Moore

We’re now officially out. You can buy both the ebook and the paperback from today. What are you still waiting for? Go. Go. Go. I’m very pleased to introduce another of our authors – David Thomas Moore – senior commissioning editor at Rebellion and also a very talented writer. His story, Chosen One, does something different with a very familiar … Continue reading