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Broken Bones – Progress Update

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening when you’ve submitted a story, been told it was accepted and that edits are on their way and then silence descends. From the rush of excitement of getting the acceptance email you’re left refreshing your inbox every five minutes (well, I am anyway). So, unlike many other … Continue reading

Summer’s End – we’re pleased to announce!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who submitted. As always when you receive a ton of submissions there are enough great stories that you could put out three anthologies to the one you are actually going to publish. We’ve tried to give feedback on every one of the stories we’ve read for this … Continue reading

Broken Bones – Rejections and Acceptances are winging their way across the internet

This is both one of the best parts of being an editor, and the worst. The best part is that you know that someone has put a lot of work into submitting a story that they are hoping will be published. Telling them that they’ve been accepted is a fabulous feeling. I also know that, … Continue reading

Broken Bones – An Update

This is a quick update for everyone who has expressed interest in our books, and especially those of you who submitted stories. We have now finished reading all the submissions. We have split the stories into those which will be rejected immediately, those we think are so good that they’re definitely in and then a … Continue reading

Where’s that story?

Just a quick reminder – there are just a few days left in our first open submissions windows. We’ve had a decent number of submissions but we want MOAR! Remember that we have TWO windows. One for a fantasy anthology and one for a sci-fi anthology. Details can be found on the open submissions page … Continue reading

Don’t Forget!

It’s the beginning of April. There’s a month left of our first open submissions window. We’ve had a good number of stories for each of the anthologies in with a fair few enquiries too but these anthologies have plenty of room for more. If you haven’t started yet then get going – you’ve got loads … Continue reading

Our First Submissions Call

This is our first submissions call. The two anthologies are Summer’s End and Broken Bones & Ten Dollar Bills Summer’s End is an anthology of fantastical stories that will be about the end of ages, civilisations, golden times that decline inexorably or suddenly. Think the fall of the men of Numenor, the end of the … Continue reading

Incoming, Part 2

We’re ready to announce the second of the two anthologies we’d like to publish to kick off 2016. A little later than planned but we got distracted with sorting stuff like contracts, pricing, newsletters and the like. Yes our lives rock. Our second anthology is called Broken Bones and Ten Dollar Bills. It will be … Continue reading

Incoming, part 1

We’re ready to announce the two anthologies we’d like to publish to kick off 2016. We’ll talk about the first today and then tell you about the other tomorrow. Our first anthology is called Summer’s End. It will be a collection of stories about the end of great empires, love affairs and ages. The moment … Continue reading