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Broken Bones – The editing begins

It seems that many people think that once they’ve submitted a story and have been accepted, that the work is over. It’s not. For Alternative Realities acceptance is a sign that we enjoyed your writing enough to want to publish it under our name. However, no story is perfect first time. I’ve edited everyone from … Continue reading

Broken Bones – An Update

This is a quick update for everyone who has expressed interest in our books, and especially those of you who submitted stories. We have now finished reading all the submissions. We have split the stories into those which will be rejected immediately, those we think are so good that they’re definitely in and then a … Continue reading

Our First Submissions Call

This is our first submissions call. The two anthologies are Summer’s End and Broken Bones & Ten Dollar Bills Summer’s End is an anthology of fantastical stories that will be about the end of ages, civilisations, golden times that decline inexorably or suddenly. Think the fall of the men of Numenor, the end of the … Continue reading