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New Release – A People’s War

We made it. We’re delighted to announce the A People’s War is now available, both at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Available in both paperback and ebook. We think this is a great book, a super sequel and a thrilling story in its own right. Book 1 remains free in ebook version for another week over here, … Continue reading


A People’s War is almost here

It’s with great pleasure that we’re ready to announce that Stewart Hotston’s ‘A People’s War’, book 2 in The Oligarchy trilogy will be released very soon. We’re just finishing up the final proof and it’ll be released shortly thereafter. We’re still aiming for before Christmas although we’re a little later than we’d have liked. In … Continue reading

Helena Woolf

With my first novel coming out I wanted to talk about the heroine, Helena Woolf . Helena Woolf is an Oligarch, a member of a ruling class of genetically-engineered super humans who live for centuries and have access to limitless wealth and technology. Supported by Artificial Intelligences (AIs) embedded in their own minds, which are … Continue reading