Good covers sell. We don’t care what the old axiom of ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ says about first impressions, because first impressions sell. In a world where businesses lose money because their websites don’t load in under 30 seconds, if our covers don’t grab a reader’s attention they’re going to move on to the next and buy that instead. This means that Alternative Realities values its artists.

Marc Ducrow - Alternative Realities cover artist

Marc Ducrow – Cover artist for Alternative Realities

Marc Ducrow

Born in Birmingham, UK

Lives & works in South Cornwall, UK

Marc is an illustrator / writer working on many indie comic books and graphic novels amongst fantasy book covers, logo designs and tattoos.

Marc has been travelling the Uk networking and showing his work for several years now and is very much in love with what he does for a living.

His latest project, the Standing Tall comic, can be found here:- https://www.facebook.com/standingtallthecomicbook/

W: http://www.marcducrowart.co.uk/

Lawrence Mann - Cover artist for Alternative Realities

Lawrence Mann – Cover artist for Alternative Realities

Lawrence is a Freelance Illustrator living in West Yorkshire, England. With a career spanning over 15 years he has been fortunate enough to have created work for the likes of Egmont, Sony, Nokia, Mattel, the BBC, Channel 4, Yamaha as well as creating covers for many great novels and children’s books.

He loves everything Fantasy & Sci-fi and draws pretty much 24/7 as well as sculpting when he gets the chance. His favourite way of ‘reading’ is to listen to audiobooks while he works, otherwise he wouldn’t have the time!

He’s a firm believer that all illustrations should tell a good story. Especially when those illustrations adorn books or help expand on concept for game – An image has to be able to stand out and entice its audience in and that’s what adding story elements do. The best images are ones that encourage the viewers to read into and embellish the story.

He also has a solid background in advertising (having worked as an Art Director). It gives him the ability to look at a piece of art as a marketing tool rather than just the ‘pretty picture’. Understanding the finer details of a client’s needs and really helps to connect with their audiences. Understanding the goals that a piece of artwork needs to achieve is very important and many people seem to overlook this. Luckily he finds that this combination of two skills is very handy on a day-to-day basis.


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