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mugshotMatthew Sylvester – who has a blog here,  was Features Editor, Technical Consultant and regular columnist for magazines such as ‘Fighters’, ‘Combat’, ‘TKD & Korean Martial Arts’ and ‘Traditional Karate’. These are the four leading martial arts magazines in the United Kingdom.

He is also the author of the critically acclaimed ‘Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots’, which has been sold around the world.

Matthew has had a number of short stories published by Fringe Works, KnightWatch Press, Anderfam Press and Emby Press.

Matthew’s looking for engaging science fiction with plenty of action, and is also very keen on seeing military fiction, sci-fi and alternate history.

Stewart Hotston – his more general musings can be found here. Stewart is a lover of geek chic. He reads. All day long when he can get away with it. He’s not fussy – however, he believes, nay is certain, that Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita is the best book ever written. He also loves Fury by Rushdie, Finch by Vandemeer, House of Leaves by Danielewski and Freedom by Frazen. As you can imagine he loves finding new writers whose ideas are mind blowing and delivered with daring confidence. When he can forget about the works of genius he enjoys and remember not to compare his own writing to them, he also loves writing and has had a dozen or so stories published. 

You can contact us on contact@alternative-realities.co.uk


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