A strong identity is key to establishing a brand in people’s minds. To that effect, Alternative Realities has designed a number of genre logos that will be used to give readers a clear idea as to what is featured in any given title.

Some anthologies may have one Key logo, but will feature other logos as indicators.

Parent Logo

Parent Logo

This is the parent logo for Alternative Realities, the business card image as you will.



Steampunk is not just an imprint to Alternative Realities, it is integral to Alternative Realities’ being. A number of members have taken part in Steampunk events, photo shoots and even been crowned as Steampunk royalty!

Science Fiction Logo

Science Fiction Logo

Science fiction is something that I can guarantee every author here is a fan of, has written for, and is a core part of Alternative Realities’ universes.
Fantasy Logo

Fantasy Logo

Many of the Alternative Realities authors have strong fantasy backgrounds, either as part of tie-ins or standalone titles of their own.


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